I enroll in world four, and it is eleven years. I went to Cebu eight times so far. The world BIC four develops whenever I go, and I am impressed by the splendor of facilities and kind service of the staff. It became often said recently when I talked about Cebu, "it was a good place". It is remarkable, and Cebu develops in ten years. I admired the foresight of the whereabouts chairperson some other time. I thought that I boarded an airplane when I went to Cebu for the first time ten years ago that with a few visitors. I do not seem to readily get an air ticket recently. A reddish light was points and a light, the feeling called the town of the country when I looked at the city from the window of the airplane over Cebu. When leave the airport, a guide takes; and "is TuMiy'Ta?" was said and shook hands pleasantly when I said that it was so as if it was always a friend. I reached the Coral points and was another world at all when a gate opened and entered inside. It was 6:00 a.m. while thinking that I lay in a bed and watched the sky from a window that I was like a great planetarium in a star-filled sky when eyes were up. I was impressed to be able to sleep soundly well after an interval of 30 years. The crab which seawater wrote raw hot when I strolled in the garden for a fine feeling, and the sea entered the sea of the shallows like the knee in ebb, small fish were, and a heart thought that healed Cebu was a great place. Cebu resembles Japan of elementary school days in me and remembers that I felt good old. I can know the world four and think that It was very lucky. Joy and the worth doing that even I can help it are felt and are full of the feelings that I am thankful for.